Improving Bus Accessibility at Ashwood High School


I am proud to announce that starting next year, the students of Ashwood High School will be able to access an additional bus service to reduce crowding on their morning and afternoon commute. I recently joined the Minister for Public Transport and the Member for Burwood in announcing this important win. This result could not have been possible without the advocacy of the parents, students, and school community. 

This issue that was raised with Matt Fregon MP and Will Fowles MP by both parents and students. 

Earlier this year, Matt and Will met with the Ashwood High Student Representative Council and Principal Dr Brett Moore to hear their concerns. The bus service travels down Huntingdale Road and connects numerous students from Ashwood High to Oakleigh Station. Crowded buses mean students are left waiting afterschool or forced to walk long distances, and this can lead to further accessibility issues for students with disabilities.

Since then, Matt Fregon MP and Will Fowles MP have written directly to the Minister for Public Transport requesting his personal attention to this matter. You can read their joint letter here.

Please show your support to improve bus accessibility at Ashwood High School.



Speeches in Parliament

Matt Fregon MP recently spoke in Parliament about overcrowding on the Ashwood High School bus service. The transcript of his speech is available to read here

We asked for your support to achieve a positive outcome for students. Our campaign received hundreds of signatures from people in the school community and passionate locals. 

Thank you for your support and being part of this campaign.

Extending the 624 Bus Route

The new bus Route 624 Kew to Oakleigh will provide an additional deviation in the morning and afternoon school peak to stop at Ashwood High School, giving students direct access to and from school and another option about how they choose to travel. 

The deviation will also connect students between Ashwood High School and Oakleigh Station, providing a smooth transition between bus and train services.

The new school deviation is proposed to commence at the start of Term 1 2023